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RabbitMQ is a message passing interface which is used for interaction by the various independent projects under Openstack. Although you can use several other Queuing Applications like Qpid or ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ is highly preferred by most of the people using Openstack. The articles below should help you understand more about RabbitMQ.

RabbitMQ : An Introduction

In this article we deal with the concepts and AMQP protocol on which RabbitMQ and all other such queuing applications are based. You can read more explanation about RabbitMQ here .

RabbitMQ : Standalone Application using pika-library

Here, a basic program is written and shown how you can use pika library and use python to interact with RabbitMQ send a message on to the queue and then there is an other program that can run and pick these messages from the queue and read them.

RabbitMQ : Usage in Openstack

This article explains how Openstack is dependent on RabbitMQ and how does it use it internally.

The REST Protocol


Understanding REST: Basics

Representational State Transfer (REST) is an architectural style for distributed systems such as the World Wide Web. The idea being, rather than using complex mechanisms to connect between machines, simple HTTP is used to make calls between machines.

Understanding REST: Implementation

A couple of options for sending requests to OpenStack through an API is available. Developers and testers may prefer to use cURL, the command-line tool. With cURL HTTP requests can be sent and responses are received back from the command line.


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