Yes, you would need a small amount of understanding on Linux while working with Openstack. Openstack is available for multiple distributions of Linux. However we would initially concentrate on specifics of Ubuntu, as it is the most loved by Openstack Developer Community right now. Saying that does NOT mean that Openstack can’t/isn’t run on other distributions like RedHat, but means that to start with we would do it with Ubuntu.

(Read this if you are unsure of what Ubuntu,RedHat or Linux Distributions mean, and how are they different and still same as all of them are Linux distributions.


Things to keep in mind before we start: 1) it is not really difficult, 2) You needn’t be a pro with Linux to start with Openstack, Learning of both can go ahead in a parallel manner.

Also, we would try to cover *atleast* the basic topics below to get you started.

Note : You really do NOT need to need anything more than your regular Laptop running Windows/Linux on it to start with Openstack.

Also, we would like to recommend that at a trail&error stage preferrably use Virtual Machines over Virtual Box on top of your Windows/Linux Operating System.

Introduction : Linux from a Windows User Perspective

An article explaining various aspects of Linux, and telling you things you need to know in a comparative manner with windows. Esp helpful read if you are very new to Linux and have been using Windows for a long time.

VirtualBox : Installing Ubuntu over Windows.


Setting up Ubuntu virtual machine in Oracle Virtualbox 

If you are experimenting with Openstack for the initial few times, I would personally suggest you to use Ubuntu installed over VirtualBox (Even if you have Ubuntu/Linux_other_distro installed on your laptop’s hardware.) If you are new to Linux, there are chances of problems occurring in cases of failure of package installation/etc. Hence, it is highly advisable to use virtual machines initially so that even if something goes wrong, you can discard the virtual machine and start a fresh installation rather than debugging your primary machine. In the article above we give a step by step guide of Installing Ubuntu over VirtualBox over MS Windows considering most new users would be using windows as an Operating system over their laptops.

Linux : Getting Started – Zero-th level Basics

Hope you have an Ubuntu Machine (preferably VM over VirtualBox). Before we move forward, there are a couple of concepts and basics that would be needed as we move forward. I have also included some basics that would be good to know about Linux now that we would need to work intensively. You can go through them at your will and is purely optional but at the same time always good to know stuff.

Should Know

Setting up Networking in Ubuntu using Command Line Interface (CLI)

This article talks of setting up Networking in Ubuntu distribution of Linux without using the Desktop Interface, only by using the Command Line Interface. Talks about what all files you would need to edit to setup a ethernet Interface or a Bridged Interface in Ubuntu. Also talks of IP Address assignment to the interfaces in a Static and Dynamic manner using DHCP service. Also, talks about setting Domain Name Resolution in your machine.

Directory Structure in Linux

This post explains the root level Directory structure in Linux and what to expect in each of the top-level Directory in  Linux. This post would help your general understanding of Linux and you would learn about where to look for you configuration files, log files and Hardware Device files in linux.

Learning about File Permissions in Linux

File permissions in Linux is a really important topic and is a must know for you, this would help you solve so many problems later that you would see related to the file level permissions. This is a “Should Know” topic for anyone who is working with Linux based systems. Article explains User permissions in a file, changing who can edit,execute,view or read the file, pretty helpful to know.

What is Sudo ?

Introduction to sudo in Linux, what is that we gain by using it, what are the fall-backs. Why should sudo be used and what is the best way of using it.

Good to Know

Ubuntu Boot-Up Process

This article would explain the sequence of events that take place when a Linux-based machine boots up. It is not a blocker if you do not know this and you want to work on Openstack, however, this is really interesting and really good to know stuff.

GIT: Collaborate & Maintain Code 

Openstack is a Open-Source Project which is public and any developer from any part of the world can write and push code to Openstack as long as he signs the CLA and his code gets approved by reviewers at Gerrit . Since there are so many people working at the same time at the same piece of code, the management of code maintenance and versioning becomes important. Take a case where Rahul is working on a method “abc” in file “” and his friend Abhishek is also working on the same method in the same file in the other part of the globe, what would happen if both of them try to push their code into the central code store(repository). How should their changes be merged into the main code needs to be taken care of, and hence the need of a code maintenance system is required. Also, it should take track of each line/word change into the code and person making the change. GIT has its origin back in Linux. The creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds , created such a code management software. GIT is a time-tested software, which has been used in managing source code for Linux and majority of Open-Sourced Projects.


Source Control Management – Explained with Git

This  Topic talks about what a Source Cotrol management is , explains a bit about the history of the Git and explains the most simple use-case of Git.

Bare-Minimum you need to know about git to start working.

This guide contains the bare minimum that you need to understand while working with Openstack or any other collaborative open-source project that uses GIT for its Source-code Management.


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