Event at M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore

Event Report

Date : 27 April,2013, Time : 11am-6pm.

Location : M.S. Ramaih Institute Of Technology, Bangalore, India. [Location]

Meetup Page : http://www.meetup.com/Indian-OpenStack-User-Group/events/116042452/

 This event was conducted by the Linux User Group at Ramaiah Institute of Technology, and was attended by 25 students + teachers who were keen to learn about virtualization/cloud/Openstack. This workshop was  open to interested students from all years.

The intent of the workshop was to introduce the college students, the budding future technologists to make them aware of Virtualization/Cloud and Openstack , topics which are generally missing from curriculum of majority of the undergraduate engineering colleges in India.

The workshop started with a general non-techical introduction to the  Openstack, conveying to the students of the opportunities and how do they get benefited by getting associated to Openstack and why the Openstack has been successful and has achieved such a long following in such a short period. We introduced them Openstack India User Group and made them aware of meetups and encouraged them to be a part of the same.


Then moving to the technical talks, Aligning to the intent of the workshop, Rahul began with a introduction to Virtualization and slowly moved on to the basics of Cloud .  The idea was to bring the attendees to a level where they could understand concepts used in Openstack.


Further, a session on Python with a few examples was taken by Abhishek . Since most the attendees were new to Python, this session was very helpful to them . And because of obvious reasons this session had immense amount of attention being given by attendees and also the maximum number of queries being asked.

After a Lunch Break, Rahul gave a session on Openstack, covering its history, introducing each project under Openstack. Each project  and its purpose was explained in the most basic manner relating them to parts of their real machines.The session ended with encouraging the attendees to be a part of Openstack by starting to contribute.


This session was followed by Romil who explained a high-level component interaction of Openstack components taking a use-case of a Virtual Machine being spawned. This further improved the understanding of working of various projects under Openstack for everyone.


The last thing as planned for the day was a little hands-on. This was done by each attendee using Virtual Box on his laptop. During this process the ilearnstack team and specially Mayank helped anyone new with setting up Virtualbox, installing Ubuntu and setting up the networking. Once this was ready, all the attendees used the CloudGear Script prepared by Ishant to setup their own instances of Openstack and try it out on their Laptops.


This brought us towards the end of the day and the end of the workshop. It gave us immense pleasure to interact such an enthusiastic bunch of students who were took out time to learn something out of their curriculum and were so interested and inquisitive all-throughout.

Complete Photoset for the event.: https://plus.google.com/photos/106314994124977332570/albums/5871977068052111873


About Rahul K Upadhyaya
I am a software developer. My core areas of interest lies in Openstack as a technology,Python as the Programming language and Linux (Ubuntu/CentOS) as my favoraite OSs. When I am not at work, you would find me with my Camera , clicking random weird Stuff and People. You can have a look at the pictures on http://rakrup.wordpress.com

One Response to Event at M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore

  1. Venkatesh kumar says:

    Hi sir, I am working as a staff at Anna university, Regional centre, coimbatore. I will be handling Cloud Computing lab in my college in the forth coming semester and i need guidance regarding Openstack tool in ubuntu. Is it possible to provide session for our student.

    If interested Please contact : kumarit86@gmail.com

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