Setting up a Single Node Openstack Environment

Here we are going to deploy openstack on a single node, i.e all openstack components Nova, Glance, Keystone, Quantum and Horizon will be running in the same box. Nova-compute is also running on the same machine which will provision virtual machines on the KVM.


Ubuntu 12.04 running on Oracle VirtualBox with two NIC ‘s.

  • Setup a ubuntu virtual machine in virtualBox.
  • Add a second NIC to the VM.
    • Power Off the Virtual Machine
    • Right Click on the VM and select settings
    • In the Network Section select Adapter 2 tab
    • Select “Attached to:” to internal


  • Power On the VM
  • When the VM boots up configure to network for second NIC
  • Edit /etc/network/interfaces to something like


  • Restart Network service

service networking restart

  • You can verify your network setting using “ ifconfig ”


Deploying Openstack

  • Login to the ubuntu VM.
  • Change the user to root.

sudo -i

  • If your network is behind proxy then please export proxy variables.

export http_proxy=<proxy-server>
export https_proxy=<proxy-server>
export no_proxy=”localhost,″

  •  Install git on the machine

apt-get update -y

apt-get install git -y

  • Clone the CloudGear git to install Openstack

git clone

  • Execute the script to set up openstack

cd cloudgear/

  • Open Openstack Dashboard in browser from URL  http://<controller-ip>/horizon
  • Login with credentials  admin/secret


  • Add a image into Glance

                     Download image from the given link :


horizon_3 horizon_4

  • Create Network for Virtual Machines.

horizon_5 horizon_6 horizon_7

  • Create subnet for the network created above.


  • Launch a instance from the Project Tab , Instances page.

horizon_9 horizon_10


  • Once VM is successfully spawned it will show as ACTIVE in Instances page. 

horizon_22 horizon_23

  • Select Console tab to view VM console.



82 Responses to Setting up a Single Node Openstack Environment

  1. How to connect the instance(virtual machine) to internet ?

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  5. Sukhada says:

    I did the setup as described above, but I am not able to ssh or ping to the VM from outside the openstack.

    Please help.


  6. Rajesh says:

    How to connect the instance(virtual machine) to internet ?

  7. yasmin says:

    Hello please i have an error in the last step when i luch the VM instance can you help me please

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