iLearnStack : Who,How,Why ?


What we are ?

iLearnStack is a platform for anyone : a student, a developer, anyone new to the Cloud Domain, new to the concepts of  Openstack  , to quickly ramp-up and develop a basic understanding about the same. We are currently backed-up and supported by Openstack India User Group.

What is this Portal all About ?

This portal hosts content that would help you understand not only how Openstack works but also a bunch of concepts surrounding that would  make your life a lot easier , especially if you are new to this Domain/Technology or a college Student. Feel free to request for any such topics around Openstack,Cloud, Related Linux or Python related, we would be glad to cover them in our upcoming posts.

Goals ?

Aligning to the aim, we have tried to make the content very simple, intuitive and easy to grasp. We have tried to start from the Zero-th level of understanding of each topic. However, if you feel that some concept is alien to you, even after reading the post, feel free to contact us by sending mails at learnstack[at]googlegroups[dot]com.Also, feel free to comment on the same page if you have some doubts related to content in that page, We shall try our best to get back to you at the soonest possible.We aim to put all that stuff together which is required to understand Openstack from a Undergrad College Students’ Perspective.

Who makes up iLearnStack?

iLearnStack consists of  a group of technology enthusiasts . Two years back , all of us were in college and not very exposed to technologies like Virtualization, Cloud, SCMs,etc.All the more, none of us had any experience of working in any Open-source Project at that point in time. The last 2 years have been about immense learning experience and realizing a lot of beauty of Open-source environment. At the same time we got stuck, and learned from such places that would be a pain-point for anyone moving to this technology. Hence we having feel we can do good helping similar people to come at par with these technologies and learn Openstack. We want to make things easy for you, what we learnt the hard way.

How iLearnStack Operates ?

The iLearnStack team plans to operate via two modes. One, Reach out to colleges and  letting students know about Openstack and help them bootstrap quickly on to the associated technologies, cloud and Openstack itself. However, during a one day event we have seen it is very difficult to cover the basics (Virtualization,cloud,testing : stuff that is not a part of curriculum in most of the colleges still) and generate an understanding of Openstack. During our visit, our aim is to familiarize everyone with atleast all the technologies and concepts and  generate an understanding of what fits where. Second, we plan to reach out to students/(people new to domain) via this iLearnStack Blog where we try to put in articles categorizing them into major areas of understanding (listed as tab/menu on the top). The blog shall contain greater details and we intend to gradually put in more content and provide a comprehensive and crisp coverage of Openstack and associated technologies.

Why iLearnStack Happened ?

Basically, as iLearnStack, we are a Bunch of Enthusiasts who are willing to payback some of our debts we have collected from the community over nearly past two years, learning about Openstack and Cloud and related Stuff. As iLearnStack we would like to give our two Cents,back to the community, by hoping to help a few interested people to learn Openstack.

What We Are Not ?

  • We are NOT a Profit Making Organization/Group.
  • People with Zenith-level of understanding of Openstack.
  • Super-humans who don’t err ever.

15 Responses to iLearnStack : Who,How,Why ?

  1. Himanshu says:

    Splendid Initiatives !!!!

  2. manish kumar says:

    it was a great workshop at MSRIT .all the things were explained clearly about openstack and the way you explained it was the basic ideas of cloud computing and learned a lot about the openstack .i think this workshop is gona very much useful for us to understand the opnstack .some of us even completed all the steps needed.some of us didn’t get it properly may be because of the slow internet connection.finally everything was good.thanks alot to u all sir…

  3. Dinesh Hakande says:

    Great Initiative.

  4. Vino says:

    It would be good if you can add your twitter account as it can help people get in touch with you.

  5. Rahul K Upadhyaya says:

    Sure Vino, I shall do it soon,
    Thanks for the suggestion, although we do have a facebook page.
    Till the twitter account comes up, you can keep in touch using the facebook page/group mail ID
    facebook page :
    Also you can write to us at our googlegroups mailing list :

  6. Selvakumar Arumugam says:

    Hey Folks, This site reflects what i have in my mind. I am the one who fascinated by OpenStack and started learning python, basic of cloud and exploring openstack. Hats off for this initiative.

  7. Rahul K Upadhyaya says:

    Selvakumar, Thanks a lot for you appreciation, good to hear that you liked it. We are trying to make this better. Feel free to suggest stuff that helps is make this initiative better. :)

  8. Pradeep says:

    Very Good Effort

  9. Anand Bhat says:

    Cloudgear is so easy to use and works like a charm on 13.04. I struggled a lot to get modified devstack up and running on 12.10 and cloudgear worked without modification on 12.10 and 13.04. Great effort guys. Thanks a lot.

  10. Rahul K Upadhyaya says:

    Anand, Happy to hear we could help you and you loved the effort :)

  11. Jobin says:

    Hey! Good initiative! Would be nice if you could post about ceilometer and healthnmon. Thanks!

  12. Adyaprasadupadhyay says:

    Very good job .I appreciat it.

  13. Hey Rahul, splendid effort and a great initiative. I met you at BarCamp 2013 at SAP labs. Thanks for clearing most of my doubts. Looking forward to contribute to OpenStack projects.

  14. Kumughato chophy says:

    hi I just wanted to know if I can use openstack to perform upload and download file operation for my project

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